Decorative lamps

The term decorative lighting describes lighting systems that not only meet the DIN EN 12464-1 quality criteria for functional illumination at the workplace but significantly improve the overall lighting quality. 

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Philips - Hue Play

Nanoleaf - Canvas Expansion Pack

Nanoleaf - Aurora Rhythm

Philips - Hue Play + Erweiterung

Nanoleaf - Aurora Rhythm set of 15

Nanoleaf - Canvas Smarter Kit

Philips - Hue Play + 2 Erweiterung

Philips - Hue Wellness

Philips - Hue Go Connected BT

Nanoleaf - Aurora Erweiterungs Set

Gingko - Smart Book

Philips - Hue Play Erweiterung

Philips - Hue Go Connected 2er Set

Gingko - Smart Book

Kooduu - Synergy 65S

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