Activity trackers

Activity trackers

An Activity Tracker, often called a fitness tracker or fitness bracelet, helps you set and pursue goals, motivate yourself anew every day and become fitter and more active in the long run. The tracker monitors all fitness relevant information such as distances covered, steps, stairs, calories burned, sleep rhythm and quality, workouts and, depending on the model, heart rate.

The newer Activity Trackers with heart rate monitor determine the heart rate directly at the wrist, others in combination with a heart rate belt, which you must attach to the upper body. Most Activity Trackers can be synchronized with your mobile phone or computer, so you can easily retrieve and analyze all your fitness data at any time, learn more about your fitness level, or receive motion reminders.

Depending on the model, details can be read directly from the display. When you connect Activity Tracker to your phone, they can use your smartphone's GPS to give you information such as your distance or speed.

Many Activity Trackers can be personalized with a colourful wristband made of different materials and colors.

The most popular Activity Tracker brands are fitbit, Xiaomi, Garmin, Samsung and Honor. The Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 is especially popular for kids and has long been a top seller. For adults, the Xiaomi Mi Band series and the fitbit Charge series are among the most popular and successful models.