3D glasses

There are two categories of 3D viewer technology, active and passive. Active viewers have electronics which interact with a display.

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Epson - ELPGS03 (Shutter system)

Acer - Mavic Air (Shutter system)

Panasonic - TY-ER3D6ME (Shutter system)

BenQ - D5 3D-Shutterbrille (Shutter system)

vivitek - Xpand X103 3D-Brille (Shutter system)

Auvisio - Virtual-Reality-Brille inkl. In-Ear-Headset und Touch-Bedienung

Auvisio - Virtual-Reality-Brille mit Bluetooth und Magnetschalter

Sony - 3D Brille TDG-PJ1

Sony - XPANDVISION 3D Glasses Lite RF (Shutter system)