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Trion 150 (480GB, 2.5")
CHF 162.–
OCZ Trion 150 (480GB, 2.5")

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7 ratings on OCZ Trion 150 (480GB, 2.5")

User chrisrobinson2007
Trion 150 (480GB, 2.5")

Great for the price and speed over 480GB

This is a budget SSD, its predecessor Trion 100 should not be used as an example piece, Toshiba have done great things since buying OCZ.
T.R.I.M. Supported win 8+ automatically, in lower Operating Systems you need to force T.R.I.M on some systems so it deals with deleted files, and file placement efficiently.
You must Provide the cables SATA/Power as with most budget SSD's.
True SATA6, not a software work around as per a few other Budget SSD's.

one of the fastest budget ssds available
cheap for its speed/capacity 480+
unlike some other budget ssd's this can be filled as apposed to 50% then degradation in speed
O.S. transfer software can be found on Toshiba website.
T.R.I.M. auto detected
massive improvement over the 100 that should not be sold due to failure rate
True SATA6 gen
typical, and expected, no cables power/SATA
plastic shroud, at this price very much expected.

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