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G20CB-CH055T (Intel Core i7-6700, 16GB, SSD, HDD)
ASUS G20CB-CH055T (Intel Core i7-6700, 16GB, SSD, HDD)

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User Enzo4life1991

Kann mir einer sagen ob ich diese Prozessor Intel Core i7 7700K BOX (LGA 1151, 4.20GHz, Unlocked) bei diesem PC nachrüsten kann ?

1 answer
User Cotylaeus
Accepted answer

Meines Wissens sollte dies kein Problem sein, da beide den LGA 1151 Sockel und die selbe Lithografie von 14nm teilen. Jedoch wird ein BIOS Update von nöten sein um gute Stabilität zu erhalten.

User Majority

what type of RAM is used? DDR4?

2 answers
User alex.nion
Accepted answer

From their website ( it looks like it is ddr4 and a m.2 SSD (not said in description either).
If you are willing to put this amount of money in a desktop computer I can only advise you to build one yourself. With this one I don't know if the possibilities of upgrade are great because of the space. If you have any question do not hesitate.