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Multibrackets M Portable Projection Screen 116,3x72,7 (portable (case/foldable), 53.94", 16:10) Actual product image
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Multibrackets M Portable Projection Screen 116,3x72,7 (portable (case/foldable), 53.94", 16:10)


Multibrackets Portable ProjectionScreen Deluxe are elegant projectionscreens designed for flexibility and easy transport.

Multibrackets Portable Projection Screen Deluxe is the perfect choice if you are looking for a flexible projection screen solution. It is easy to move between rooms and easy to transport between different locations.

It can be used in your home, in the conference room, class room or while travelling.


Key specifications

Projection typefront projection
Viewing size116.30 x 72.70 cm
Gain factor1
projection width116.30 cm
projection height72.70 cm

General information

Manufacturer Multibrackets
Product type Projector screens

Projector screens

A projection screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience.

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Item number10048205
Manufacturer no.5699


Case colour


Housing material


In 3D printing, ABS or PLA is usually used as the base material, to which a mixture of metal powder (copper, stainless steel, iron, bronze or brass) has been added. The squeezed out objects look and feel like metal.

Material canvas


Application range


Describes activities or localities that are located outside.

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Projection type
front projection

front projection

The screen is illuminated from the front.

projection dimensions

53.94 "
projection width
116.30 cm
projection height
72.70 cm
Aspect ratio

Projector screen properties

Projector screen type
portable (case/foldable)
Gain factor

Gain factor

The light amplification factor, or gain factor, is an important factor when selecting a screen. Factor tells you something about the reflective properties. An ordinary white sheet of paper has a gain factor of about 1.0. It scatters the incident light homogeneously and diffusely in all directions. Thus it appears practically always equally bright, no matter from which angle you look at it.

Picture walls with a gain above 1.0 try to reflect a certain amount of light more specifically towards the audience, which usually sits axially in front of the picture. Developers achieve this through special surfaces and coatings. They take, so to speak, a small step towards the properties of a mirror. A gain of 2.0 describes a screen that - measured on axis - reflects twice as much light as a perfectly diffuse surface with 1.0. This is why we speak of amplification.

Black border
Top black drop

Top black drop

The forward motion is the area that moves out of the screen box after the white projection surface.

1100 mm
Viewing size
116.30 x 72.70 cm

housing dimension

131.10 cm
12 cm
12 cm

Product dimensions

12 kg

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Multibrackets M Portable Projection Screen 116,3x72,7 (portable (case/foldable), 53.94", 16:10) Multibrackets M Portable Projection Screen 116,3x72,7 (portable (case/foldable), 53.94", 16:10)