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Kubo - Der tapfere Samurai (2016)

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Kubo - Der tapfere Samurai (2016) Actual product image
CHF 20.90

Kubo - Der tapfere Samurai (2016)


The story takes place in Japan before our time. The young, kind-hearted hero Kubo lives in a seaside town and has been looking after his mother ever since his father passed away. He lives a modest life as a storyteller, whose listeners include Hosato, Akihiro and Kameyo. But Kubo's rather quiet existence breaks up with one blow when he accidentally summons a ghost from his past and this ghost storms down to earth full of anger to execute an ancient blood revenge.

Now the great chaos breaks out, Kubo has to flee and is dependent on the help of his new companions: Monkey and Beetle. With them he sets off on a dangerous adventure journey to save his family and unravel the mystery of his fallen father, once a legendary samurai warrior.

With the help of his chamises - a magical three-stringed lute instrument - Kubo must first fight gods and monsters, including the vengeful Moon King and his evil twin sisters, before he can solve the mystery of his legacy, unite his family and fulfill his destiny.


Key specifications

Run time102 min
LanguageGerman, Italian, English
DirectorTravis Knight

General information

Publisher Universal
Product type Blu-ray
Item number6169670
Manufacturer no.A-229060
Release date02.03.2017


Family film


Travis Knight

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Run time
102 min
Age recommendation FSK

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Kubo - Der tapfere Samurai (2016) Kubo - Der tapfere Samurai (2016)