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HAT-like* board snaps onto a Raspberry Pi B+, A+ or Pi 2 Model B and
with a little software configuration, allows you to have what normally
would go out the HDMI port come up on a nice little flat screen. * Its
not technically a HAT due to the lack of an on-board EEPROM, but its
the same shape as a Pi HAT and its a covering of sorts, so we call it
a kippah

This is the Kippah with no touchscreen support. We have a version with
touchscreen capabilities if that's your thing!

Compared to our lovely HDMI backpacks, you don't have the extra cost
or expense of an HDMI encoder/decoder. And you get a nice ultra-fast
18-bit color display with optional touch support. We tested it and it
works great with our 5" and 7" displays at 800x480. This display is
'native' so it gets all the graphics accelleration capabilities,
instant refresh, etc. you would get from an HDMI display

OK so, exciting right? But, what's the catch? The catch is this add on
board uses nearly every pin available on the Raspberry Pi and those
pins are hardcoded, they cannot be moved or rearranged. The pins used
are GPIO 2 through 21 inclusive. That means you don't get the UART
RX/TX pins (no console cable) and you don't get the standard user I2C
pins, the EEPROM I2C pins, or hardware SPI pins. You do get to use
pins #22, #23, #24, #25, #26 and #27, and the USB ports are fine to
use too.

The other catch is that this display replaces the HDMI/NTSC output, so
you can't have the DPI HAT and HDMI working at once, nor can you
'flip' between the two. Also, there's no PWM's available so you can't
have precision backlight control unless you somehow rig up an external
PWM generator with a 555 or something. Finally, we did test this setup
with a straight-up Raspbian and after the software installs, it works
great. However, we don't guarantee it will work with any other
Raspberry Pi operating system or setup.

That said, if you dont need all of the Pi GPIO, its very easy to add a
high quality display. Pick and choose whether you want a touch-screen
or not, then choose the size of the display.

Comes as one fully assembled and tested DPI Kippah circuit board. You
may need a soldering iron to adjust the backlight by soldering closed
a PCB jumper (check the tutorial on this).TFT display, USB micro-B
cable, FPC extension cable, bent wire stand, and Raspberry Pi not


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Adafruit DPI TFT Kippah für Raspberry PI Adafruit DPI TFT Kippah für Raspberry PI