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Wake'n Shake – our new light alarm clock with vibration pad

The Wake’n Shake Light uses light, sound and a vibration pad to wake you up. Simply place the pad underneath your pillow. As soon as the alarm goes off, your pillow will start to shake.

JWNSLight_WH_I (Black, White)
Geemarc JWNSLight_WH_I (Black, White)


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What else does the alarm clock do?

  • The alarm clock wakes you with a gradual sunrise simulation. Both the illumination level and duration of the sunrise are customisable up to 300 lux and 30 minutes.
  • You can choose between various wake-up calls including the radio, a regular ring tone, a frog, the rain, the wind or birds. The volume can be set up to 80 dB.
  • Two different wake-up times
  • The vibration pad has two different levels
  • The individual wake-up programme can be customised, combining light, sound and vibration.
  • Snooze function
  • USB connection to charge your smartphone or music player

Technical details:

  • Runs on electric power (charger included) or on batteries
  • Size 12 cm × 17 cm × 12 cm
  • Weight 430 g

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Simplified warranty and returns process


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