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Innovation & you by Philips

The exclusive technologies by Philips: PowerSensor, SoftBlue and QHD!


The Philips PowerSensor is a unique monitor technology that helps to easily reduce energy costs and take care of the environment – operating entirely independently from the PC or operating system. The Philips PowerSensor reduces energy consumption by up to 80%. Its built-in sensor at the front of the monitor transmits and receives harmless infrared signals that detect user presence and reduce energy consumption by dimming the screen whenever the user is away.

SoftBlue technology

The unique SoftBlue technology reduces harmful blue light waves by up to 90% compared to conventional monitors, thereby protecting eyes from long-term damage. Philips SoftBlue uses a smart technology to reduce the harmful blue light waves without affecting the colour or image of the display.

QHD technology

QHD technology is not just for graphic designers, CAD designers and architects but for all users who require a large desktop and high resolution. In combination with a high resolution, the additional space can be used very effectively. These monitors feature QHD resolution for brilliant picture quality with 1.074 billion colours.

We would also like to present monitors that feature a built-in webcam:

231P4QPYKES (23", 1920x1080)
Philips 231P4QPYKES (23", 1920x1080)


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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Philips 241P4QPYKES
Innovativer Monitor mit MVA-Panel, integrierter Webcam und Mikrofon für eine effektive Zusammenarbeit. Inklusive top ergonomischen Fähigkeiten und Energiesparmodus. Jetzt zum exklusiven Preis nur solange Vorrat!


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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Raphael Knecht

Just about everything to do with PCs has interested me for many years now, so being part of the marketing team at Digitec Galaxus means I get to feed this fascination on a daily basis. In my spare time I love to tinker with my homebuilt PCs and I’m also a passionate floorball player and coach. I very much enjoy exotic trips, good music and road bike tours in the mountains.

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