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For all you music lovers out there: The Marshall London is finally available!

Marshall London – The loudest Phone on Earth!

Marshall, makers of the world’s leading amplifiers and headphones proudly presents the first smartphone that puts music on the main stage – the Marshall London. For over half a century Marshall has focused heavily on the sound of its products, and the London is no exception. It might just be "the loudest phone on Earth"!

London Phone (4.70", 16GB, 8MP, Black)
CHF 411.20
Marshall Headphones London Phone (4.70", 16GB, 8MP, Black)


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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Product highlights

  • Two stereo jacks – allowing you and a friend top plug in and share.
  • Two front-facing speakers – because two speakers are louder than one!
  • Golden volume control wheel – for precise volume control.
  • Goldener M-Button – one-click access to your music.
  • Globaler equalizer – your selected profile for whichever music player you use.
  • Bluetooth aptX – delivers high-quality stereo audio over a Bluetooth connection.
  • Marshall in-ear headphones – experience mind-blowing sound.

Test in one of our showrooms now!

Test the high-quality sound of the Marshall London at one of our showrooms from 20. November and be blown away by an incredible sound experience!

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