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Discover the new Garmin Edge 820 bike computer!

The ideal combination for performance analysis and navigation

Whether you are striving to be better than the day before or want to receive more training dates for that race you’re preparing for – Edge 820 has the features you need. This compact GPS bike computer is equipped with a touchscreen that delivers performance analyses and impresses with features such as bike routing and group track.

Edge 820 (Europe)
CHF 325.–
Garmin Edge 820 (Europe)
Small but powerful! The new Garmin Edge 820 crams features of the Edge 1000 in the compact size of the Edge 520.


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The device

With the Edge 820, Garmin is focussing on cycling and performance. Weighing a mere 68g, this bike computer offers a 2.3-inch colour display that's responsive even when wet or used with gloves. The computer is controlled via touchscreen or by means of three buttons.

Increased safety

Edge 820 provides on-the-go safety thanks to an automatic emergency contact feature. A built-in motion sensor identifies a crash and immediately calls for help by sending the information and your GPS data to a phone number that is previously specified. The emergency call can be cancelled in the event of a harmless crash.

Features and functions

The Garmin 820 now has improved battery life that keeps the device going for up to 15 hours. In addition, the energy-saving mode should extend your battery runtime by up to 50%. Advanced performance monitoring includes VO2 max and cycling dynamics. The latter provides you with information on where your power is being applied on the pedal and throughout the pedal stroke. In combination with Garmin Vector pedals, the bike computer puts together an extensive performance analysis.

With GroupTrack, Garmin has come up with a great plus for cycling groups. The feature allows you to pair your device to other Garmin devices so you can keep tabs on your riding buddies and they can keep tabs on you when you get separated.

This model includes a speed sensor, heart rate strap and cadence sensor:

Edge 820 Performer Pack (Europe)
Garmin Edge 820 Performer Pack (Europe)
Small but powerful! The new Garmin Edge 820 crams features of the Edge 1000 in the compact size of the Edge 520.


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Gion Manetsch

77-42-65 may look like part of a portfolio to apply for the next episode of “The Bachelor“ but the numbers are actually my body measurements from back when I was a pro mountain biker. Meanwhile, I feel like my maximum oxygen uptake (Vo2max) of 77 is half of what it was and my resting pulse of 42 has doubled. I’ve also put on 11 kg since weighing 65 kg eight years ago. However, all of the above does not mean that I have become a passive sportsman. On the contrary. I’m passionate about racket sports, swimming, after work jogging and skiing. But mountain biking still has a special place in my heart. The combination of outdoor exercise, endurance, technique and action make it my personal favourite when it comes to sports. These days, I enjoy a more relaxed version with a bit more suspension travel.

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