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  • Wireless Display Adapter v2
  • Wireless Display Adapter v2
  • Wireless Display Adapter v2
CHF 57.80
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2

Rating on Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2.

User neurotobi
Wireless Display Adapter v2

Ok for windows users with new laptops for most convenient wireless connection

Not too bad if you are windows user with recent vintage laptop. Very convenient when it works, but sometimes the connection is just dropped for no apparent reason, e.g. if your screen saver turns on. Forget about video unless you can put up with quite a bit of lag. But really convenient. Updates of the firmware are a bit touchy. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I couldn't update one of ours so far.
For really high performance wirelss solution you need to get something like
(Nyrius HDMI)

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