• Chill Flex Pro (50m², 12000BTU/h)
  • Chill Flex Pro (50m², 12000BTU/h)
  • Chill Flex Pro (50m², 12000BTU/h)
Energy efficiency
CHF 548.–
Electrolux Chill Flex Pro (50m², 12000BTU/h)

Rating on Electrolux Chill Flex Pro (50m², 12000BTU/h).

User mtr324

AC Unit + Premium Fenster Kit = Win. Win.

It is louder than expected but does quick job cooling our large bedroom with 12' ceiling. When used in combination with an oscillating fan, it makes a significantly more comfortable sleeping environment. The Premium Fenster Kit is actually the reason we bought it, which fits our very old and huuuuge windows beautifully. I can install/remove it within minutes depending on the weather. Plus it doesn't look like I covered my windows with plastic wrap. Using our pre-existing window hardware (locks and pulls), the use of a drill/nails/stickers was not necessary. Win, win.

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