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iPad Air 2 (9.70", 32GB, Space Gray)
Apple iPad Air 2 (9.70", 32GB, Space Gray)

Rating on Apple iPad Air 2 (9.70", 32GB, Space Gray).

User chasemichfish
iPad Air 2 (9.70", 32GB, Space Gray)

2GB of Ram is really fast for browsing the internet and reading.

I had purchased the original iPad Mini in 2013 and it was nice for awhile it had 512 GB of Ram and after iOS 8 or 9 the tablet slowed way down. iOS 10 was just released and this machine is unable to even download it and has become almost useless with only 3-4 small apps on it and nothing else on it. I had to upgrade in order to be able to pleasantly read before bed at night (not wait 30-60 seconds before loading a webpage). I compared all current iPads and the iPad Air 2 was the most performance for the $399 price. It will hopefully last another couple years before Apple somehow makes me purchase another one. The 2GB of Ram is so much faster and the Retina display is nice as well. Highly recommended for the price point, value and performance.


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