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What we save on the celebrity, you save on the mobile phone subscription.

Maya Homberger
Zurich, on 19.09.2022, ends 09.10.2022

Take advantage of the special price now and pay only 20 instead of 49 per month for two years for unlimited surfing and phoning in Switzerland. Includes 1 GB roaming data EU/USA per month. The offer is valid for new and existing customers up to and including 9 October 2022.

You are not yet a digitec connect customer? Then now is a good time to switch your mobile phone subscription to digitec connect. If you take out the subscription by 9 October 2022, you will automatically benefit from the discounted price of 20 per month for the first two years. >

What does our digitec connect mobile phone subscription offer at a special price?

  • 24 months 20.- instead of 49.-
  • Monthly unlimited data in Switzerland included .- Monthly 1 GB roaming data in the EU/USA included .- Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to all Swiss networks included (excl. value-added services)
  • First MultiSIM option free of charge in the first year .- 5G option can be added for 8.- per month
  • No minimum contract period and activation fees .- Use the Family + Friends Option
  • On the Sunrise network

How do I get the offer as a new customer?

  • Register at and take out your subscription in just a few steps .- You can have a new phone number or we can port your existing phone number to digitec connect. We will take care of the cancellation with your previous provider.
  • As soon as your subscription is active, you automatically benefit from 2 years of unlimited surfing and phone calls for 20.- per month.
  • Add more members until 9 October 2022 via the Family + Friends option and all benefit from the promotional price.

How do I benefit as an existing digitec connect customer?

Of course, existing customers always benefit from our promotions. Since you already have a subscription as an existing customer, you can simply buy one of the following vouchers and redeem it in your cockpit. As an existing customer, you can choose whether you want to buy a voucher for 1 year or 2 years.

Voucher for 12-month unlimited mobile subscription
digitec connect Voucher for 12-month unlimited mobile subscription
Voucher for 24-month unlimited mobile subscription
digitec connect Voucher for 24-month unlimited mobile subscription

How to redeem the promo code as an existing customer

. A few days after your purchase, you will receive your promo code by email. As soon as your subscription has started, you can redeem the promo code online in your Cockpit. It is not possible to deposit the code in advance. You will find the corresponding input window in the user profile area.

Good to know

Once your subscription has started, it does not matter when you redeem the promo code. From the time of redemption, the 12 or 24-month period for which you have already paid begins immediately. The subscription can be cancelled at any time at the end of the following month. However, there is no refund of the annual fee already paid. In addition, only 1 code of the same promotion can be redeemed per connection. Please note that there is no refund if we subsequently reduce the fees in question.

The digitec connect B2B mobile phone subscription

Do you have the digitec connect mobile phone subscription for corporate customers or are you interested in an offer for your company? Then get in touch with our digitec connect B2B team at Our team will be happy to show you the benefits in a personal meeting.
The voucher cannot be redeemed for company connections. However, if you benefit from your company's employee benefit, you too can buy the voucher and redeem it for your subscription. Here you can find all the information on the two models for B2B customers:

  • PromotionB2B

    50% discount on digitec connect for corporate customers

  • New to our rangeSmartphone

    Our digitec connect mobile subscription for business customers

Do you have any questions or suggestions for us? What do you think of digitec connect? Take part in the discussion with the community. Go here to digitec connect community discussion.

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