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Welcome to the Kshop

created on 13.02.2016, expires on 14.02.2016

Order a mobile device of your choice!

The KShop offers you a range of mobile products at special conditions. You can buy a new mobile device every two years. Before placing your order, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Check on the ITS Portal if your last claimed mobile subsidy dates back more than two years.

After ordering your device, an internal review and approval process will be started. If you have any questions check the FAQ at the end of the page first.

Order your new mobilephone now and choose your subscription type

New Supscription

Order a mobile device with a new company mobile number
Apple Mobilephones
Android Mobilephones

Existing subscription

Order a new mobile device for an existing company mobile number
Apple Mobilephones
Android Mobilephones

Mobile number transfer

Transfer your private mobile number to the company
Write a Mail

Order your new tablet now

You have to order the SIM-Card with the tablet to include a new business number with a mobile data contract. This allows you to use the 4G mobile network on your tablet
Order Apple Tablet

Order your new tablet-bundle now

Order Apple Tablet in Bundle with keyboard and pen

Frequently asked question concerning the Kshop ordering process

Kshop FAQ

Kshop FAQ

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