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Welcome to the jungle!

Aurel Stevens
Translation: Eva Francis

digitec opened its very own café bar at the beginning of December. We serve coffee, sandwiches and drinks in this green paradise.

Friends come up with the craziest of ideas together. Some classics:

  • «Let’s start a band!»
  • «Let’s open a nightclub!»
  • «Let’s open a bar!»

That’s exactly what the founders of digitec did. Florian Teuteberg and Oliver Herren’s secret plan was to fund a nightclub with their online computer shop. That hasn’t happened (yet), but they have just opened our very own café bar called «Pause».

Doesn’t it look gorgeous! And yet, it almost didn’t happen. This is how it all came about.

It was in spring 2017, we were all set for expansion and our senior management initiated the search for new office spaces near the headquarters. With success; we found the offices com.West on Förrlibuckstrasse 70, just across the road from our headquarters. The property owners asked us if we wanted to take over the restaurant and bar on the ground floor, too. Owning a restaurant was beyond discussion but owning a bar? Why not! We signed the rental agreement in May 2017.

We then started searching for an external company that would run the bar. To cut a long story short: Several catering businesses turned us down, so our management decided to make it into a break room for the teams who work in the new offices. But when Sonja Kunz, executive assistant, told Diego Romero about this over after-work drinks, his reaction was: «I’ll find a solution by Monday». And that’s exactly what he did. His solution was called Miguel Ledesma. The restaurateur took on the challenge to design and develop the bar and within one week, the basic concept was ready.

Several local companies helped transform the empty space into a jungle: The steel framework was made to measure by Walterstahl and the indoor jungle was brought alive by Luzia from Kraut + Quer. The jungle is stunning! There’s a pineapple plant on one table and there’s vanilla growing from the walls. The bar and sinks are made of limestone from the canton of Jura; the lamps, chairs and planting walls are from Galaxus (of course).

Check out our local food and drinks:

  • The sandwiches are from Beckeria.
  • The Empanadas are made by Diego’s sister according to an old Argentinian family recipe.
  • The fruit and apple cider are delivered by in Eglisau.
  • The Mostbröckli (cured beef) are from in Maur at lake Greifensee.
  • The coffee is from Stoll and brewed with a La Marzocco machine.

We also offer a range of homemade fruit juices, smoothies and soup.

The project team: Miguel and Diego. You will be served by Sarah, Philipp, Ariane and Theresa (not shown here) and there’s a chance you’ll be welcomed by Juli the dog.

Opening hours

«Pause» is open from «about 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.». Someone’s always there at 7.30 a.m. and «we’ll open the doors if you knock», Sarah assures. The evening hours are just as flexible for now; if enough guests are there, the bar can stay open until midnight. «Pause» is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. During this time, you’re welcome to follow our Café Bar on Instagram and Facebook.

Get your own party started

Rent «Pause» for your company event, birthday or any other party. Sound good? Get in touch with us via

So what are you waiting for? Next time you pick something up in our store in Zurich, why not drop by for a cup of coffee? We’d be happy to welcome you in our very own jungle paradise.

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