The Fairphone 3+ pre-sale has begun! Now with an updated camera
The Fairphone 3+ pre-sale has begun! Now with an updated camera
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The Fairphone 3+ pre-sale has begun! Now with an updated camera

Andrea Jacob
Zurich, on 27.08.2020
The Fairphone 3+ possesses a significant upgrade. Mainly involving the camera. However, the following still applies: it's simple to repair, various upgrades are possible and it's easier to recycle. What else can the only smartphone company with a gold EcoVadis medal offer you? Learn more here.

The upgrade is here, bringing along changes in the field of photography and video recording. For this purpose, Fairphone relies on two new camera modules. However, the main and front cameras can also be replaced on the predecessor. So set up your camera now or discover another modular, green Fairphone.

3+ (64GB, Black, 5.65", Dual SIM + SD, 48Mpx, 4G)
Fairphone 3+ (64GB, Black, 5.65", Dual SIM + SD, 48Mpx, 4G)

The Fairphone 3+ specs

  • 5.7" Full HD+, 18:9 aspect ratio
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 632
  • 4 GB RAM, 64 GB memory
  • 3,000 mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0
  • 48 MP main camera
  • 16 MP front camera
  • Android 10.
  • Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, 5 GHz Wi-Fi compatible
  • USB-C¹, dual Nano-SIM, fingerprint scanner
  • Stereo speaker, headphone jack
¹ The USB charger and USB cable aren't included during delivery. Fairphone has opted for this step to reduce additional electrical waste, as the majority of consumers already have several USB chargers at home.

The Fairphone 3+ is the most sustainable Fairphone to date. The 3+ is built with a world-leading modular and repairable design, a replaceable 3,000 mAH battery, 40% recycled plastic and fair materials for a long life. The optimised 48 MP main camera and the new 18 MP selfie camera provide you with improved image quality. The Fairphone 3+ takes responsibility to heart, subsidising factory workers directly with a bonus at living wages.

To ensure that both the Fairphone 3+ and the Fairphone 3 stay alive longer and thus reduce your carbon footprint, the latest parts also fit the 3 series. With the 3+, 40% of the rear wall cover is now made of recycled plastic. Due to this manufacturing process, it's no longer transparent, but matt black. It can also be used as a spare part for the Fairphone 3.

Proactive protection

Want to upgrade your Fairphone 3?

3 (64GB, Dark Translucent, 5.65", Dual SIM + SD, 12Mpx, 4G)
Fairphone 3 (64GB, Dark Translucent, 5.65", Dual SIM + SD, 12Mpx, 4G)

You only need the latest software and a screwdriver:

  1. Update your Fairphone 3 to Android 10.
  2. Turn off your phone and unscrew the cover.
  3. Install your new modules and switch on the phone.
  4. Don't know what to do? Then have a look at this tutorial.

The new 48 MP main camera module has a larger sensor, intelligent scene recognition and a higher dynamic range. So you can reliably take high-quality pictures in any environment. The whole thing has been optimized for the Fairphone processor, so you can shoot your shots with zero shutter delay. Work was also carried out on improved object tracking and image stabilization. The camera+ module can be used as a spare part for the Fairphone 3+ as well as an upgrade for the Fairphone 3. The same applies to the front camera.

Why get a Fairphone?

  1. Fairphone is the first and only smartphone company to integrate Fairtrade Gold into its supply chain.
  2. The Fairphone 3+ and 3 are made of responsibly produced and conflict-free tin and tungsten as well as recycled copper and plastic.
  3. Fairphone is about to launch an initiative for the better procurement of cobalt.
  4. Fairphone works directly with the final assembly partner. In order to improve employee satisfaction, Fairphone is committed to health protection and occupational safety. In addition, they pay the employee a bonus to ensure that the gap between the minimum wage and the living wage is bridged.
  5. They publish their material bill and product cost statement for full transparency.
  6. Fairphone supports e-waste collection programmes in Ghana.

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