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Thailand fans take note - new roaming packages at digitec connect

Maya Homberger

After the roaming price cuts, now come the new roaming packages. In addition to Thailand, we offer new and inexpensive roaming packages for five other countries. And for USA lovers, we also have a new 10 GB package for EU/USA.

As already announced, the digitec connect team's top priority this summer was to revise the roaming offers for our digitec connect mobile subscription. I am now pleased to introduce the new roaming packages to you .

Roaming packages for selected countries

. Roaming costs in Zone 2 countries were getting quite high very quickly. Previously, there was only a 100 MB package for 16.- for all Zone 2 countries. After three years of experience, we can now better assess the risk of roaming costs. That's why we are now lowering the prices for Zone 2 countries by 20% to 12.90 per 100 MB. In addition, we have come up with new 1 GB packages for the most popular travel countries in Zone 2.

Here you can see the prices for 1 GB in the selected countries :

Thailand 1 GB 10.90 CHF 1 Jahr
Ägypten 1 GB 14.90 CHF 1 Jahr
Montenegro 1 GB 10.90 CHF 1 Jahr
Bosnien1 GB 12.90 CHF 1 Jahr
Serbien 1 GB 12.90 CHF 1 Jahr
Albanien1 GB 14.90 CHF 1 Jahr
Restliche Zone 2 Länder 100 MB 12.90 CHF 1 Jahr

These packages are valid for 1 year. So if you don't use up your purchased GB, you can use the remaining GB on your next trip.

All other tariffs are valid for 1 year.

You can find all other tariffs and zone countries here. .

Roaming packages Zone EU/USA

. Many of you want carefree surfing on holiday without worrying about buying extra roaming packages. That's why we now also have a 10 GB roaming package for the EU/USA .

Datenvolumen in Zone EU/USAPreisGültigkeit
1 GB 9.90 CHF1 Jahr
10 GB 39.90 CHF1 Monat

The 10 GB package is only valid for 1 month compared to the 1 GB package. But you have the advantage that after using up the 10 GB you can still surf at throttled speed (256 Kbit/s down / 128 Kbit/s up).

You can find all other price changes for roaming telephony in this article.

  • New to our range

    We lower the roaming prices at digitec connect

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