Sudio: Hipster brand hails new line-up
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Sudio: Hipster brand hails new line-up

created on 10.07.2018
Sudio has just released two new headphones. Sudio headphones all sport a Swedish-minimalistic design and the brand mainly advertises its products on Instagram – totally hip in other words. And here they are: Headphones from hipsters for hipsters.

With the exception of a few audiophiles out there, Swedish headphone manufacturer Sudio is still virtually unknown in Switzerland.

The brand name Sudio came into existence after one of Sudio’s founders crossed paths with Phil Collins in New York. At the time, Phil Collins was having issues with his headphones. The name Sudio is an homage to Phil Collins’ song Sussudio and stands for the dedication to make headphones that would have got Phil out of his acoustic pickle.

The new line-up

The new line-up includes earbuds and over-ear headphones. The earbuds are named Nivå, the over-ears Klar. Both models are available in black and white – the only two colours you really need, right?

Sudio Nivå

Nivå are truly wireless headphones that run on Bluetooth 4.1. On the downside, these buds only have a battery life of 2.5 hours. But, hey, hipsters are a fast-moving bunch anyway. And the portable charging case Sudio includes with the buds is powerful enough for two to three charges.

Niva (In-ear, Black)
sudio Niva (In-ear, Black)

Sudio Nivå – made for a life in motion

Sudio Klar

Sudio Klar are over-ear headphones with active noise cancelling. Like the earbuds, they run on Bluetooth 4.1. Their battery lasts for 24 hours and, according to Sudio, for a whopping 20 hours in standby mode.

Klar (Over-ear, Black, ANC)
sudio Klar (Over-ear, Black, ANC)

Enjoy music loud and quiet with the Sudio Clear

Sudio TRE and Regent

Both of these headphones belong to Sudio’s old line-up. TRE are Bluetooth headphones designed with athletes in mind. The TRE model features wing tips for a secure fit.

The Regent are classic on-ear headphones with 24-hour battery life and passive noise cancelling.


Interchangeable design caps are available for the Regent headphones. Emphasise your style and coordinate the Regent with your outfit.

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