New wearables: discover top products by Coros, Puma, Casio, Xqisit, Armani, Michael Kors and many more
New wearables: discover top products by Coros, Puma, Casio, Xqisit, Armani, Michael Kors and many more
New wearables: discover top products by Coros, Puma, Casio, Xqisit, Armani, Michael Kors and many more
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New wearables: discover top products by Coros, Puma, Casio, Xqisit, Armani, Michael Kors and many more

Darius Affolter
Zurich, on 09.03.2020
Translation: Eva Francis
Garmin and Apple aren’t the only brands for wearables. There are many more manufacturers that might not be as famous but produce just as impressive products and force Garmin and Apple to step up their game. Check out the latest wearables innovations, upgrades and new collections.


A performance sports technology, Coros has been stirring up the wearables market since 2019. Coros is slowly breaking into the Swiss market, for example as main sponsor of the Swiss Alps 100 Endurance Run 2020. Coros products are known to be robust, offer a wide range of activities and have a very long battery life (up to 60 hours).


The Puma lifestyle smartwatch was presented at the Berlin IFA 2019 and immediately received a lot of media attention. It wasn't easy, but we managed to make these models available for you in Switzerland.


Polar has always been a specialist in heart rate monitoring. The new chest strap H9 complements the existing range (the models H10 and OH1): it's available at a lower price and still offers all the essential features such as connections via Bluetooth and ANT+, accurate heart rate and calorie measurement, compatibility with Polar products as well as Zwift, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal and many more. A fully charged battery (CR 2025) lasts for 400 hours of training.


Suunto is a well-known brand, which has added the impressive Suunto 7 to its range this year. This watch was designed in collaboration with Google, runs on Wear OS and, according to the manufacturer, is the ultimate fusion of a sports watch and smartwatch.

There are also new versions of the bestseller and previous flagship Suunto 9 Baro. The «Red» model even comes with an additional leather strap.

The Suunto 3 range has been completely revised for this year. All 2020 models boast a new design and are 100% made in Finland.

Puma Apple Watch straps

These Puma straps are compatible with the Apple Watch 38 mm / 40 mm. We also expect to have Puma straps for the larger Apple Watch (42 mm / 44 mm) available by summer.

Pro Trek / Casio

Long established in the watch market, Casio or the sub-brand Pro Trek regularly surprise us with intelligent watches. This model is equipped with the usual features of a smartwatch (heart rate measurement, notifications etc.) as well as the possibility to change the colour display to black and white, which saves a lot of battery.


With the Watch Magic 2, Honor introduces the second generation of this model. Design, size and battery life (up to 2 weeks) are convincing. Functionality, measuring accuracy and user-friendliness have also been optimised for the new models.

The Honor Band 5 has only been in our product range since January 2020, But it’s already one of our bestselling activity trackers. The Band 5 offers an AMOLED touch display, accurate sleep tracking, smart notifications, a 14-day battery life and many other features.


Small, impressive and affordable: the Xqisit Premium Active Watch covers all the essential functions of a smartwatch. It’s equipped with heart rate measurement, calorie measurement, sleep tracking, notification display, 15 sports modes, 7-day battery life, a waterproof housing and many more features.


With the Juliana HR, we’ve finally included the lady’s version of the Fossil Gen5 watches in our range. The Garrett HR model was introduced at the CES 2020 and also belongs to the 5th generation of Fossil watches.


Amazfit is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and one of the largest brands for wearables in the world, which is certainly based on its large market share in the Asian market. We’ve had Amazfit trackers and smartwatches in our range for years and they’ve always been a popular choice.

Emporio Armani


Michael Kors


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