Microsoft 365: hybrid collaboration made simple
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Microsoft 365: hybrid collaboration made simple

Matthias Berchtold
Zurich, on 01.11.2021
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook

Microsoft Teams can be a central hub for your online work. That’s right, the Teams desktop and smartphone apps aren’t just useful for chatting or calls, but also to keep track of, share and manage your data.

To whom did I send what and when? It’s a feeling everybody knows: all that data distributed over various apps, becoming harder to manage with every passing day. However, if you use the full spectrum of Microsoft 365, you’ll have a powerful tool to remedy such issues in the future.

A few features

More than just chatting

With Teams, for example, you can distribute tasks to individuals in group chats or store important and personal data in a so-called «Safe» in order to share it later on with two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.


Chat dashboard

This is certainly one of the most interesting features that Microsoft Teams has to offer. After all, Teams goes beyond sharing pictures & documents in chats. You can also get a complete overview over any upcoming activities or tasks in a group.


Collaborate in real time

More and more, we’re using our gadgets to plan trips or coordinate the next dinner. Most of the time, however, we use some random app or send a quick text. If you use every feature in Microsoft 365, you can plan your next vacation in one easy move. Open a chat, share a calendar entry and top it all off by quickly creating a Word document in which all involved can enter their trip destinations and ideas. Fans of efficient organisation should love this.

What will you need to get started?

Download and try Microsoft Teams

  • If you already use Teams at work, you can easily add another account via the settings.
  • If you don’t have Teams or even Office or Microsoft 365 in general, you can simply download Teams from the App Store on your iPhone or Android and sign in or register with an existing or new Microsoft account.

Microsoft Teams is also part of the new Microsoft 365

In the free version, Teams supports group sizes of up to 300 people, providing 10 GB each for shared content. Additionally, each user gets another 2 GB of personal storage. If you get Teams as part of your Microsoft 365 membership, you’ll also receive 1 TB of OneDrive storage at your disposal and can enjoy all the other features this ever-growing ecosystem has to offer.

If you want to get the membership for even more features and possibilities, I have listed our range for direct download here:

365 Family (1-year, 6 x, Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Mobile, macOS, English, Italian, French, German)
Microsoft 365 Family (1-year, 6 x, Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Mobile, macOS, English, Italian, French, German)

If you need more information beforehand, you can find it in the following article:

*Microsoft 365**: find out what the apps have to offer*Microsoft 365**: find out what the apps have to offer
New to our rangeComputing

Microsoft 365: find out what the apps have to offer

The new Office 2021


If you’d rather just buy Office and forgo the benefits of the subscription, you can find the latest version of Office Home & Student and Home & Business in the following article.

New in the range: *Microsoft** Office 2021New in the range: *Microsoft** Office 2021
New to our rangeComputing

New in the range: Microsoft Office 2021

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