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Discover the new Under Armour HealthBox!

Under Armour is introducing UA HealthBox, the world’s first connected fitness system created specifically to measure, monitor and manage the factors that determine how you feel.

The UA HealthBox

The UA HealthBox is a connected fitness system that is made up of three perfectly matched components: An activity tracker, scale and a heart rate strap. The components communicate with each other to determine your level of fitness. All physical values and factors, which are important for your fitness and well-being, are measured and constantly monitored. The data is easy to manage via your smartphone and allows you to perfect your workout and watch your progress.

Under Armour HealthBox
Exercise smarter, feel better, live longer.


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The UA Band

The UA Band is an innovative activity tracker with the following features:

Band (L, S, Black)
Under Armour Band (L, S, Black)
Exercise smarter, feel better, live longer.


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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Step counter

Track steps and see your progress towards your daily step goal throughout the day.

Sleep monitor

Uses resting heart rate to measure your sleep duration and quality.

Activity alert

Get alerts when you’ve been inactive for too long and when you’re close to reaching your step goals.

Phone notifications

Receive texts, caller ID and calendar notifications as well as updates and challenges from UA Record.

Easy syncing

Your data automatically syncs with UA Record for real-time data. It can also store data up to 7 days if not connected to your phone.

Workout log

Choose your workout and start recording for customized calculation and tracking. Wear it with UA Heart Rate for workout intensity, active heart rate display, and calories burned.

Music control

Control volume and music selection from your band when synced with your phone.

Alarm clock

Set your band to vibrate and gently wake you up or alert you for an important time.

The UA scale

The UA scale has an LED display and is a further component of the HealthBox. These are its features:

Weight & body fat percentage

Track your weight as well as body fat percentage and see progress over time.

Personal profile

Create your own profile to store your information, progress, and goals.

Multiple users

Recognizes up to 8 users and privately stores data for each individual profile.

Easy syncing

Your data automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.


No need to adjust any settings. The scale will recognize you and pull up your profile based on your weight.

UA Heart Rate

The third and last component of the HealthBox is the heart rate strap that delivers important data during physical activity and workouts.

Heart Rate
CHF 29.–
Under Armour Heart Rate
Exercise smarter, feel better, live longer.


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Heart rate monitor

The chest strap and removable sensor helps individuals monitor intensity and train smarter. It’s best worn with the UA band to monitor your heart rate zone in real time.

Calorie burn

Calculates how many calories you burn during workouts.

Easy syncing

Your data automatically syncs with UA Record™ to see in real time your workout intensity.

Locked-in fit

Just wet the back of the strap for a snug, comfortable grip that won't slip.

Water resistant

Wear during even your toughest, sweatiest workouts.

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