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Cliff diving: The perfect opportunity for super slo-mo shots

When buff athletes in Speedos throw themselves off cliffs, it’s time to test your smartphone's super slo-mo feature. That's exactly what we'll be doing. Want to join us? Then keep reading!

On 5 August, Sisikon is the place to be to witness jumps from dizzying heights into the depths of Lake Uri. Jaw-dropping dives will be performed by pros as part of a contest. Be part of the action and join us! Together with LifeProof, we’re giving away a VIP package for two people.

Fundamentals for cliff diving spectators

Cliff diving is not something you can just do. Our bodies were just not made for it. It's all a question of maths and training.


On 5 August, Red Bull and LifeProof are carrying out the contest in the small Swiss town of Sisikon. The divers will be plunging into the water from a height of 26 metres – roughly the size of an eight-storey building. During the dives, the athletes reach speeds of around 85km/h. The same as a Bugati Veyron with its 9.8 m/s acceleration. Plus, the divers experience three seconds of free fall, g-force of 2–3 and a landing in five metres of water.

Let’s assume that an object falls onto the ground from a height of one metre. The stiffer the body and the ground, the higher the g-force. If the ground does not give in and the object deforms by 0.1mm and stays on the ground, it was decelerated by 10,000 g. Quote from Wikipedia

Three seconds for your perfect «super slo-mo»

Why people would subject themselves to these forces is another matter entirely. However, what is certain is that it makes for a perfect «super slo-mo» subject. As Senior Editor Dominik Bärlocher and I had to abstain from jumping ourselves – I was already overcome by vertigo nausea when writing about this – we decided to snap Male World Champion 2017, Jonathan Parades, instead. Equipped with various smartphones, we will be documenting the event and presenting our results in part two of this article.

Wanna join?

Click on the link below by 1 July and enter your personal details for a chance to be part of the Red Bull event in Sisikon. The lucky winner will have a perfect view of the jumps and get a chance to meet and greet Jonathan Parades. The winner will be contacted on 3 July – just enough time to think about who you'll take along. Fingers crossed!

Red Bull cliff diving
Be part of the action of Red Bull cliff diving in Sisikon – with LifeProof

The competition has ended!

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