Charge your phone, anytime, anywhere: new OtterBox charging accessories
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Charge your phone, anytime, anywhere: new OtterBox charging accessories

Darius Affolter
Zurich, on 11.11.2020
You can stop worrying about running out of battery life, the new OtterBox range gives you just about everything you'll ever need. This includes various mobile phone cases such as MagSafe compatible iPhone cases for the iPhone 12 series, created in cooperation with Apple.

Read on to find all kinds of USB chargers, power banks, USB cables, wireless chargers, in-car charger plugs, and MagSafe compatible cases for the new iPhone 12 series.

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USB chargers

These wall chargers are available with or without USB C-C cables. They're a good alternative to the Apple USB charger, which have been faltering slightly due to a delivery delay.

Wireless chargers

It's impossible to imagine the smartphone world without wireless charging.


Choose between 20'000 mAh, 15'000 mAh, 10'000 mAh and 5'000 mAh. A rough rule of thumb: the average smartphone requires about 3'500 mAh.

Standard Fast Charge (20000mAh, 18W)
48.20was 55.40
OtterBox Standard Fast Charge (20000mAh, 18W)
Standard Fast Batch (15000mAh, 18W)
OtterBox Standard Fast Batch (15000mAh, 18W)
Standard Fast Charge (10000mAh, 18W)
OtterBox Standard Fast Charge (10000mAh, 18W)
Standard (5000mAh, 12W)
2 of 3 remaining
OtterBox Standard (5000mAh, 12W)

Car chargers

If you need chargers while on the road, check out these 2x USB-A, 1x USB-A and 1x USB-C or 1x USB-C models.

USB cables

We currently have over fifty black and white USB cables from OtterBox in our range. Their lengths vary between 1 and 3 metres. All plug types are included: lightning, USB-A, USB-C and micro USB. You can also choose between the standard smooth charging cable or the more noble and stable «braided» charging cable. Braided cables are surrounded by a kind of nylon sheath, which among other things extends durability and minimises annoying cable tangles.

Example: a 2-metre white «braided» cable

C – A (1m)
Quantity discount
OtterBox C – A (1m)
C – C (2m)
Quantity discount
OtterBox C – C (2m)

Example: a 1-metre black standard cable

C – A (1m)
Quantity discount
OtterBox C – A (1m)
C – Lightning (1m)
Quantity discount
OtterBox C – Lightning (1m)
C – C (1m)
Quantity discount
OtterBox C – C (1m)
A - Micro (1m)
Quantity discount
OtterBox A - Micro (1m)

Symmetry+ iPhone cases with MagSafe

Symmetry+ cases were developed in official cooperation with Apple and therefore offer 100% compatibility with the new MagSafe wireless charger and other MagSafe accessories. These shatter-proof cases are available here for all new iPhone 12 models, in either white, pink, blue or black. The examples listed below are for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

They're currently still a bit delayed, but they should be available around the beginning of December.

Other OtterBox mobile phone cases

If you aren't interested in MagSafe, there are several alternatives from OtterBox that are also shatter-proof, such as the plain and transparent React case, the ultra-stable and dirt-proof Defender case, cases with integrated and exchangeable pop-sockets or plain and noble Strada leather cases.

OtterBox cases aren't only available for iPhones, but also for devices from Samsung, Google and Huawei. Our range currently consists of 350 different OtterBox sleeves.

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