50% off digitec connect mobile subscriptions for B2B customers

50% off digitec connect mobile subscriptions for B2B customers

Maya Homberger
Zurich, on 13.09.2021, ends 10.10.2021
Don’t miss out on 50% off all digitec connect B2B subscriptions for the first 12 months. This special offer exclusively applies to new B2B customers and ends 10 October 2021.

B2B customers can also benefit from our digitec connect mobile subscription. And we don’t just consider companies B2B customers, but also associations, schools, sports clubs or foundations. digitec connect B2B subscriptions come with both business connections as well as very attractive employee benefits. These perks don’t just stop at your employees but can be enjoyed by their families and friends, too.

What does the digitec connect mobile subscription offer?

With our business connections, you only pay for what your employees actually need. Our employee benefit model will allow you to offer your employees a heavily discounted mobile subscription without generating extra costs for the company.

  • 3 GB of inland data a month with 1 GB of roaming data in the EU/USA included
  • unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to all Swiss networks (excl. value-added services)
  • base fee of CHF 25.– a month. Starting at 7 GB, you unlock an inland data flat rate of CHF 49.–
  • promotional price of CHF 12.50.– for the base fee and CHF 24.50.– for a 12-month data flat rate
  • eSIM, MultiSIM and 5G option
  • no minimum contract duration or activation fees
  • full use of the Sunrise network
  • all details on connect.digitec.ch


Get in touch with our digitec connect B2B team by 10 October 2021 at connect.b2b@digitec.ch. Our team is happy to advise you personally and show you all the benefits of digitec connect for business customers. If you like the sound of our offer, you’ll get 50% off all connections for the first 12 months.

Further information about our digitec connect mobile subscription for B2B can be found in this article:

digitec connect: our mobile subscription is *now also available for business customers**
New to our rangeSmartphone

digitec connect: our mobile subscription is now also available for business customers

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