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Feedback from our customers

Thanks, for good support even though colleagues let you down. T. from Dübendorf per E-Mail on 18.08.2017
I appreciated the polite way my late payment was treated. J. from Le Mont-sur-Lausanne per E-Mail on 17.08.2017
Very good and fast service. Thanks. G. from Wangen An Der Aare per E-Mail on 16.08.2017
Very complete and fast to get. A. from Bern per E-Mail on 15.08.2017
One of the best customer service. Really nice and helpful people. All star! L. from Zurich per E-Mail on 12.08.2017
Very friendly and supportive customer service personel. My enquiries were attended and solved in a very professional way. C. from Lausanne per E-Mail on 11.08.2017
Excellent, very helpful! Thank you! E. from Basel per E-Mail on 10.08.2017
Thanks for your help and I appreciate that you spent time to dig into my issue -- that I'm satisfied with. Obviously I'm sad that the problem I have is just not solvable. D. from Pfaffikon SZ per E-Mail on 09.08.2017
Excellent customer service, fast response, satistactory resolution. Keep up the good work! R. from Murten per E-Mail on 08.08.2017
The support was quick and efficient ;-) L. from Dietikon per E-Mail on 05.08.2017
Friendly and very supportive stuffs. Thank you. S. from Baar per E-Mail on 04.08.2017
Very satisfied. Great work from Sébastien who looked after my request from A to Z. Thank you! K. from Genève per E-Mail on 03.08.2017
Excellent service. Hope the product is OK too! The product has arrived today! R. from Grand Lancy per E-Mail on 02.08.2017
Everything was fine and professional. T. from Szekesfehervar per E-Mail on 27.07.2017
I'm satisfied with the answer I received, although the answer was not completely correct. I was asking if the printer plug delivered of Swiss plug or French plug. The answer was "Swiss plug", and I'd need to buy a plug adapter or s additional French plug in order to use the printer in France. I decided to still buy the printer and when unboxing at home, I was surprised to see both plugs were included: the Swiss plug and the French plug! K. from Zürich per E-Mail on 26.07.2017
Good support. Got in touch with Business sales for a postage Barcode. (Thank you for this, i understand that this is not given out normally) J. from Lupfig per E-Mail on 25.07.2017
Quick answer, very professional. I am very satisfied with Digitec's support. D. from Basel per E-Mail on 22.07.2017
Thank you for managing my request so proactively. K. from Steinhausen per E-Mail on 21.07.2017
Very quick answer and really helpful. I vorgot to have a second account. Thanks! S. from Lugano per E-Mail on 20.07.2017
The support is extreme good. M. from Arbon per E-Mail on 19.07.2017