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Feedback from our customers

Nice, fast and precise customer service. G. from Zurich per on 14.10.2017
Very good, fast, and clear response in my mother tongue. Thank you for the wonderful service. V. from Genève per on 12.10.2017
This is the first time I experience an issue with my order with Digitec Galaxus. Your support staff and very courteous and are able to process the issue accordingly. Allowing me to keep the wrong article as a sign of goodwill is a plus on your part. Being also in the customer service and support field myself, I'm very pleased in how the issue is being handled. Hoping to receive the correct article soonest possible and looking forward in doing further business with you. R. from Altstätten per on 11.10.2017
Thank you very much S. from Vesenaz per on 10.10.2017
Got the price on the website, so am happy. R. from Zurich per on 06.10.2017
All was perfect thanks a lot. J. from Massagno per on 04.10.2017
Very good. R. from Disentis/Muster per on 03.10.2017
well organized, efficient and I appreciate very much that the person at the desk didn't hesitate one second to shift to english. E. from Seelisberg per on 02.10.2017
I recieved all the product. Thanks !The product is very good! D. from Bulle per on 29.09.2017
Great service received and on time within short period. E. from Brazzaville per on 28.09.2017
Very fair treatment of the issue. Have great confidence in the customer service team that I will get the right response. P. from Thalwil per on 27.09.2017
Thank you. I have been a customer for the last 16 years with Digitec and Galaxus and I have been one of your biggest fans. Thank you for your excellent service. Your employees in the office (Lausanne) and the help I am receiving over the internethave always been excellent. A. from Renens per on 26.09.2017
Good service guys, really a efficient job. L. from Tallwil per on 21.09.2017
I've contacted by phone. 10/10! Thanks! W. from Geneve per on 20.09.2017
Good, I am impressed with professionalism of digitec. B. from Basel per on 19.09.2017
This is excellent service. Prompt, personal, efficient, and one of the main reasons I am a return customer. M. from Cham per on 18.09.2017
I am very satisfied with the level of support provided by your employee, Melinda Nadig. I would also like to highlight that she's got a difficult role to play and recommend reviewing internal procedures, so that she gets prompt support when requesting assistance from the supplier(s), and information on order status changes prefably before customers, so that she can on-pass the good news on problem resolution. A. from Puplinge per on 15.09.2017
I am absolutely satisfied with the customer service from Digitec. I have purchased many times in the past and I certainly plan to keep using Digitec in the future (and recommend it to others). Keep up with the good work! A. from Zurich per on 14.09.2017
The response is always positive and what is even better is that the response is done in hours, not days. Well done. N. from Anthy-sur-Léman per on 13.09.2017
Very satisfied with the efficiency and promptness of assistance. A. from Collonge-Bellerive per on 09.09.2017