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  • Slim Laptop-Rucksack (15")
  • Slim Laptop-Rucksack (15")
  • Slim Laptop-Rucksack (15")
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Everki Slim Laptop-Rucksack (15")

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Slim Laptop-Rucksack (15")

Stylish compact rucksack

My 14" laptop (PC) fits snuggly with about 1+ cm to spare. It has a thin shape making it look smart, however no bulky objects can be stored in it. In addition to my laptop I can store my 4.7" phone, my e-book reader, pens and a few other items, but there is a squeeze to store the light jacket or sweater I used to store in my old rucksack. I like it, however, and I recommend it if you only need to carry the essentials.


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