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  • LM30 MMO Gaming Maus (Kabel)
  • LM30 MMO Gaming Maus (Kabel)
  • LM30 MMO Gaming Maus (Kabel)
Lioncast LM30 MMO Gaming Maus (Kabel)

Bewertung zu Lioncast LM30 MMO Gaming Maus (Kabel).

User n4e.majed
LM30 MMO Gaming Maus (Kabel)

Recommended for MMO/RTS Gamers , Programmers and Photo/Video Editors

Amazing product , 100% better than what i expected .
Bought it for playing Warcraft iii and MMO games mainly but now i use the 12 programmable button for working in many environments, including programming IDE's , Office , Photoshop and ...

The button functions and RGB Lighting can all easily be configured and saved in multiple profiles using an easy to use software , you can also save the configuration to a file and load them on another computer .

Also the shape of the mouse is very comfortable and fits great in my hand .
if they make a wireless version of this mouse i would definitely buy it for my laptop .


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