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User liam.gleeson
Xperia Z4 Tablet + Tastatur (10.10", 32GB, Schwarz)

Super Tablet. Keyboard is good, useful and light but not to same super design standard.

On the whole a very impressive and fast tablet with fantastic screen, but you do pay a premium for it. Keyboard is very useful for longer periods of text input but despite my best efforts I haven't been able properly map the physical keyboard to the logical one used by the tablet. Commas, underscores, apostrophes and so on are not entered by the keystroke they should be.

Also some funny Sony Android implementations take a bit of getting used to. For example long press can be used to highlight and copy text, but not a URL in a browser address bar - that takes a double tap before it can be copied.

Still a very good tablet but loses at least half a star for the niggles.

Fantastic Screen
Battery Life
Design, Weight and Thickness
Keyboard is very light with long battery life
Fast and responsive
Sony Android skin has a few quirks compared to pure Nexus Android
Some issues on physical keyboard mapping to tablet.

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User liam.gleeson
EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM - Schweiz Ware

A great entry lens for wide angle photography.

A great little lens for the money.

Light and compact - easy to carry. Good build quality.
STM focus has to be not heard to be believed. Almost silent. Combined with IS is great for video.
Image quality
For the features at this pricepoint, negative comments are not deserved,

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